CPD23 Thing 3

Posted on July 22, 2011


Although I have spent a fair amount of time configuring my various online profiles my brand is not something I have really considered. So this ‘thing’ has proved useful!

Here goes…..


There are four sites which I use in a library and me related way. These are twitter, linkedin, about.me and this blog.

I haven’t been very creative with my name choices for these sites. My Linkedin and about.me profiles are the profiles I want people to find and therefore they display my full name. I signed up for twitter a while ago but couldn’t see a use for it and so for a while my account was abandoned and left to gather cyber dust. Originally my twitter account was called 0_LAF_0 (LAF being my initials) but I decided I didn’t like it and on reviving my account  I renamed it LAFarnsworth. This new name still doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily and also doesn’t mention libraries but overall I think it is a bit more ‘grown-up’ and professional sounding and therefore more in line with the image I’d like to portray.

I like my blog name which is Lucy Librarian. Whereas my twitter account does not always just talk about library related things my blog does. Therefore I think having the term ‘Librarian’ in the title is good in a kind of ‘does what it says on the tin’ way. As mentioned in thing 1I do wish I’d googled it beforehand though!

Overall, although there is some variation in the names I use they are all linked in that they all incorporate at least part of my name. Also, I think it helps that my Linkedin has links to my twitter and blog on it; my blog has links to my twitter and about.me profiles; twitter has a link to my blog and my about me profile, by its nature, has links to all my profiles plus the article I contributed to in the gazette. I consider these links useful breadcrumbs which will help people identify the profiles I use should they wish to find out more about me.


In an attempt to be consistent I use the same photo on all my library related profiles. It’s a fairly recent photo but I’m not sure that it looks much like me (which is probably why I like it!). Also for vanity reasons I have omitted my glasses! Therefore, I am not hugely confident that many people would recognise me from my photo. However, I do have the privilege/curse of being a redhead so I am normally pretty east to spot!

Professional/personal identity

The majority of my library related profiles are professional. I may bring a bit more of ‘me’ to my twitter account but as my life currently revolves around work and my dissertation I do not have much interesting personal stuff to tweet about. Keeping it mostly professional is probably the best approach for me as I think I would soon start tweeting inane information or moaning a lot as having twitter on my phone makes it far to share my thoughts! At least if it is supposed to be professional and library related it should make me think carefully about anything I tweet. I use Facebook as a personal profile which (as long as I have got the security settings right!) is only viewable by friends. I think my blog will remain purely about library matters as I intend to use it as a reflective tool for myself.

Visual brand

I definitely need to work on this one! It’s been really interesting during CPD23 to visit other blogs and see how they have been personalised. Currently the only vague theme I have is purple. After my dissertation I will try and come up with something a bit more unique and interesting.


I was pleasantly surprised with the google results for my name (There is no one untoward with the same name for a start!). On the first page of results is my linkedin profile (in first place!) and slightly further down is my twitter (this is no doubt helped by the fact that I don’t share my name with anyone famous). Searching my name along with library also brings up my blog on the first page of results. My about.me profile does not feature. Which is a shame as it has links to all my online profiles. I don’t know whether these results will appear in this order for everyone or whether I get them because google has tracked what I look at and is able to guess what I am looking for. Then again google does seem to think that I am currently in Southampton so maybe it is not as clever as it seems!

Google Search

As always any tips or feedback are appreciated!

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