CPD23 Thing 2

Posted on June 27, 2011


Although I have read library related blogs for over a year I had not actually commented on any (and not because I hadn’t found interesting things to read I hasten to add). Then ‘Thing 2‘ appeared to change this!

At the moment most of the people I stalk uh I mean follow online are people I know or know of through library school (see blogroll). Thing 2 has therefore been a good opportunity to explore more library blogs and I found several new ones to add to my google reader.

One of the things that struck me during my exploration was just how many library related blogs exist; it’s really excellent to see them all pulled together in one place. It has also been really interesting to see how much variation there is; from blogs that are established and seem to have zillions of readers to blogs that are just starting out. What people choose to blog about also varies from those that are what I would call the ‘big thinkers’ to those that blog about what they have experienced. I didn’t find one blog that wasn’t valuable.

To start with it felt a little weird to be commenting on the blogs of people I had never met. Especially as my brain seemed to freeze and have nothing intelligent to say! Then I received some comments to my blog and although these were all interesting and nice comments I realised that it didn’t matter what they said (as long as they were nice) I was just pleased to have comments. This meant I approached commenting in a more relaxed way and said hello to some new bloggers. I also attempted to reply in a coherent way to the comments left on my blog.

In the future I will definitely try to leave comments on blog posts that I find interesting as I know that I found the comments that I received to be encouraging (blogging doesn’t come naturally to me) and so I assume that others will also appreciate comments whatever they say as long as they are nice!

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