A Day in the Life

Posted on May 10, 2011


Monday 9th May 2011

So given that it is now my last full week of library school lectures (how time has flown!) I thought I would write a little blog post to document a day in my student life……


Mondays start with a lecture from the Research Methods and Dissertation Preparation module (statistics at 9am is never a nice thought to wake up to!). This monday’s lecture was given by Peter Willet and covered how to present the dissertation and also what sections should be included within it. It was a useful lecture, but at the moment my dissertation is barely started and so it induced a pang of panic!


Due to the modules that I have chosen to study in this second semester my Mondays always have quite a long gap in between lectures.  This Monday’s gap was longer than normal as the 9am lecture only lasted an hour instead of its usual two. To fill my time I always go to the student common room to do some work. This particular Monday’s work consisted of me attempting to memorise my part of the group presentation that we were going to be giving later that afternoon (as part of the assessment for the Management module). I also did a bit of reading towards my dissertation literature review. Currently, after much deliberation, the plan for my dissertation is to look at academic ebooks.


At 1pm it was time to head off for a last meeting with my management group before our presentation.  The presentation included an element of role play as each management group was given a brief which described a library and the library’s communication structure. We were then tasked to put together a presentation to bid for the opportunity to perform a communication audit for the library. Essentially we were pretending to be communication consultants. The Management module has included several role play elements which has been quite a novel way of learning. For example, we have also tackled a recruitment and selection task where, in our groups, we formed an interview panel and interviewed a member of another group.


Instead of the normal management lecture, today 2.10pm was presentation time! In order to feel more like communication professionals and embrace the role play element of the task my group chose to dress smartly. We had also created business cards to attach to the presentation handouts. The presentation went pretty well, although the questions seemed to go on forever and were quite tricky to answer (a bit of quick thinking was needed!). Fingers crossed that we get a good mark.


With the presentation over my management group escaped to the common room to discuss the written part of the management assessment. For the written part of the assessment we have to compile a report that compliments the presentation we had just given (so a written bid to perform a communication audit for a library). Luckily one of my group members had bought along cookies so it was not a bad meeting!


Meeting over I rewarded myself with some shopping before heading home to spend the evening looking for articles for my dissertation literature review. No rest for the library school student!

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